Our factory started after the world war II when our family began to work with leather goods. We develop a full range of leather accessories produced and resold in Italy and all over the world as well with the brand Roberta Style originality and high quality allowed us to continue our business untill today.
Our articles, strictly made in Italy are supplied in our three shops in downtown Florence.
The customers who in the past placed their order based on their memory now have the possibility to look at our full range at home and maybe to discover novelties on our on-line catalogue.
We are in a position to give you a large collection of leather, silk and cachemere accessories, in particular gloves, bags, scarves and ties.

GLOVES: our main characteristic is the large selection of colours.
BAGS: special care in leather quality we produce our merchandise only with our original design and own brand Roberta.
SCARVES: made of the most precious fibres such as wool, silk cashemere.
TIES: strictly on in pure silk they are only in italian style.